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Drive a classic. Ride in contemporary style. Experience the Cobra difference.

Driving a Cobra is like stepping back into another time – a time when the originators and innovators were alive. An era before man became preoccupied by smartphones and technology and selfies. A generation when racing wasn’t managed by computers. An age when raw power paved the way forth.

Cobra Experience’s Cobra vehicles will swiftly escort you back in time in one of the most breath-taking cities on Earth. Leave the roof off and feel the wind in your hair as you venture along Camp Bay’s coastline, migrating all the way to Llandudno Beach.

Honestly, nothing can prepare you for the experience of driving a Cobra. This is not just another car, and it’s best not to go forth with that impression. Our Cobras are more than vehicles. They are the gateway into an alternate universe of freedom and fun.

The only way to experience it is to live it.

Feel free to start browsing our Cobra car options below, take your pick, and call us to organize a coffee-date. Together, we can plan your dream day in your dream cobra.