Sure, you could go out and buy a classic Shelby Cobra, but that’s not a car you’ll want to track or use as a daily driver. For everyday use on the road or at the track are the  custom Cobra kit cars. These roadsters combine 21st century technology with classic styling in a harmonious way. The company was founded by two world champion auto racers, Tony Martin and Reg Dodd. Over the years Backdraft Racing has grown to offer four different versions of

History Even before he started racing professionally and won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Carroll Shelby had a dream of building sports cars under his own name. But in early sixties, that dream seemed impossible. His health condition forced him to stop racing and his other business ventures didn’t look promising. But in 1961, he got the news that AC Cars from England would stop production of their AC Ace model since the Bristol six cylinder engines weren’t available anymore.

As the Summer months creep ion Cobra Experience is ready and waiting to have an incredible time this 2018!  Cobra hire, Cape Town – Camps Bay Driving a classic backdraft racing Cobra is the best way to experience Cape Town from a whole new perspective, because we offer Full or half-day experience you can take in the stunning scenery of the Cape peninsula. Make the most of your Cobra hire with our bespoke itineraries to allow you to explore at ease. Weather it